Senior Nutritionist

It has been remarked that "most of us have not worn the years well...rather, the years have worn us well."

Our bodies undergo numerous changes as we age, and these changes provide a number of distinct problems. 'Nutrition' is one of the most prevalent issues that practically every older adult faces.

We must all confront the fact of ageing, but there is no reason why we should not strive to stay healthy, feel youthful, and enjoy our lives till the end.

1 Poonam Arora has been assisting the elderly with both assistance and ageing under the tutelage of a Nutritionist and Dietitian . Poonam Arora is a Geriatrics specialist who has continuously helped older folks with dietary advice and assistance so that they may enjoy and be well and happy in their later years. Poonam Arora is a geriatric dietitian who specialises in nutrition for the elderly. She works directly with older persons and appreciates the need of customised nutrition programmes and treatments to address seniors’ crucial requirements.

What makes it much harder for the elderly to eat healthily?

We at 1Poonam Arora recognise that the changes that occur as you age might make it harder to eat properly. Some of these adjustments are tough, such as:

  • Become suddenly alone and have difficulty moving around.
  • Your medical issues make it difficult for you to prepare and eat.
  • Medicines that may reduce your appetite and energy levels.
  • Diminishing sense of smell and taste.
  • Problems eating – chewing and swallowing food.

Why choose 1 Poonam Arora for seniors?

We recognise that proper nutrition is an essential aspect of ageing. We strive to offer the finest care possible for older persons at every stage of their lives. The most important aspect of care for the elderly is proper diet. Our daily nutritional requirements suggestions will inform you how much and what to eat to improve your health and well-being. We deliver the greatest nutrition and cuisine that you deserve, from allowing you to age gracefully to assisting you with your everyday tasks. We are well aware that nutrition for older adults is distinct. The physiology of elders makes it simpler for them to develop chronic diseases.:

As a nutritionist and dietician with a focus on senior nutrition,

Poonam Arora knows all of the changes and indicators of ageing bodies in elders, which allows her to build customised care and nutrition programmes for them.

You should think about using her services for the elderly in your life because: